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Pinterest Strategic Design & Support

From one-on-one support to consulting, our team will give you the tools and support you need to run an efficient Pinterest marketing plan. 

Did You Know?

Pinterest has 70 million users, and 40% of Pinterest users have a household income of over $100k?

There are 2.5 BILLION average monthly pageviews on Pinterest, and users spend an average of 98 minutes a month browsing the platform?

Pinterest drives 3.8x more sales than the average digital campaign, 93% of users have planned a purchase using Pinterest, and 87% of users have bought something because of Pinterest – shouldn’t it be your something?

Is your business on Pinterest or are you missing out on this potential traffic?

Do you need help with setting up your business on Pinterest?

We can help you with …

Pinterest Image Design

Our Pinterest team will create beautifully designed pinnable images for your account. Our team of designers will design inviting images that easily connect with your ideal audience, including proper Calls to Action where needed. Our job is to convert your pins to website traffic for you.

We also offer various design packages provided for budgets of all sizes. No job is too small!    

Pinterest Audit

Our Pinterest Management team will complete a personal Pinterest Audit or a 1-on-1 Video Audit for you to help you figure out how to make your Pinterest account work for you.  We will review your account in depth, give you extensive tips to help you get the most out of Pinterest for your business, answer any questions you have, and even complete a one hour Zoom call with you to answer any questions you may have during a one-on-one call. 

Pinterest Training

Our Pinterest team will train you on how to manage your own business Pinterest account. We will review your account in-depth, give you extensive tips to help you get the most out of Pinterest for your business, answer any questions you have, and even complete a one-hour Zoom call with you to answer any questions you may have. During the call, we will go into detail on every single step we take in our management of Pinterest accounts. You will walk away from this meeting with a full understanding of how to manage your own account.

Pinterest Monthly Management

Do you have a hard time staying consistent on Pinterest? Do you want someone else to manage Pinterest? Leave all the hard work to us. Our Pinterest Management team will take over control of your entire account so you can focus on running your business. Just choose from one of our management packages, and we will do all the hard work. You just sit back and watch all the traffic and sales come in!

Kristy has been a reliable business partner! She took control of my Pinterest account and has been able to grow the monthly viewership from 150K to nearly 1M in a matter of three months! I am so happy to work with her, as Kristy is very instrumental in making my Pinterest account what it is today.

She is a Jill-of-all-trades as well; she has been a sounding board when it comes to social media and blog strategy. Her wealth of knowledge when it comes to blogging has been incredibly helpful! We have recently added for her to take care of my email campaign and is currently working on a landing page for my site. I am delighted to work with Kristy. I know I can call on her at any time and not have to follow up or worry about anything – and that is what makes her a trustworthy business manager!


Blogger, PreDupre

I thoroughly enjoyed Kristy’s Pinterest Training. It was great to get a detailed understanding of how Pinterest and Tailwind works. I would recommend the training to anyone looking to become more comfortable with Pinterest and Tailwind. Kristy has an upbeat personality, which makes the training even more enjoyable! The 30 days of the email support was an added bonus in case you have follow-up questions or forgot to ask something during the training. Also, having access to a recorded version of the training is great as well for reference. Kristy is also prompt with her responsiveness! Doing the training with Kristy is better than looking up resources on Google because the training is personalized to your Pinterest profile!


Social Media Consulant, Saba Consulting

Having my Pinterest account audited was one of the best things I have done for my business. It was fantastic – I would recommend any business undertake this audit. It was great to have a professional eye over my Pinterest account and to provide constructive feedback on changes required to help me grow my business. But also great to hear that I was on the right track with a few tweaks could be better. thank you so much for the assistance.


Owner, Home Basics 101

Kristy was a friendly and knowledgeable voice when I needed it most. It’s difficult to find a Pinterest expert that is willing to help and give insight to someone so quickly. We were on a call within a couple of hours after I first emailed. She clearly has expert knowledge of Pinterest and helped me see my problem in a different light.


Blogger, Manufactured Media LLC

Absolutely LOVED and appreciated Kristy’s hard work, communication, and expertise. Was so thankful that she didn’t put me or my business into a box and worked to find ways to serve me where I was for what we needed. She customized a Pinterest plan that fit where we were and even built-in training so I could learn the ins and outs of Pinterest for business and how to use it effectively. Loved how available Kristy made herself when I had questions and how promptly and thoroughly she responded. Would absolutely work with New Start Consulting in the future!

Tianna Yentzer

Owner, Yours Truly Portraiture

When it comes to running a business there are so many different things to focus on. I knew I couldn’t do it all and so I came to Kristy for Pinterest help. Immediately she set up everything so that it was SEO friendly and visually appealing. 
More than that Kristy was always available to answer questions. She went above and beyond to make sure I had nothing to worry about and I saw immediate results. She did more than what was outlined in her contract and I am beyond grateful. Now my greatest amount of traffic comes from Pinterest!


Blogger, My Curly Adventures