Social media is an absolute must for businesses of all kinds. It’s a marketing tool that draws people in and encourages action, but without taking the right steps, small businesses can spend a lot of time without accomplishing a lot of results.

That’s why you need to know how your small business can use social media. These five steps are a great way to get started, so you can go from a small business to competing with the big boys.

Set Up Google Plus

First, you need to tell people where you are. If you’re a brick and mortar business, start with Google+ to get your business listed on Google’s search engine. If done right, Google will tell customers the nearest businesses they are looking for, its address, and the public’s opinion.

Research Social Platforms

The next thing you’ll want to do is set up a social media platform and go headfirst into the world of social media without a safety net. Don’t. Instead, research your options. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Snapchat are all completely different beasts to tackle, and what works well for one business, might not be effective for yours. Do your research, make a plan, and then start.

Create A Content Calendar

Running a business is challenging, and social media marketing is just one small part of your workload. A content calendar gives you the chance to sit at your desk, brainstorm some ideas for several months at a time and then makes you prepared for what’s ahead of you. There are several social media tools out there, including Loomly, SocialPilot, and Buffer that will help you make a content calendar, and then publish automatically. Find out which is best for you.

Integrate Marketing Channels

After setting up your Social Media page, tell people about it. With every printed piece of advertising you have, place the appropriate icons on them so people know where they can find you. Consider making deals with your customers where if they like your page, they can receive something they want. Also, use social media as an opportunity to promote exciting new things at your store. Just make sure that your focus is on providing value to your social media audience before you push a sales message onto them.

Review Your Work

Finally, look at what you’ve done. Look into what’s been done well, and what needs to be improved on. There are plenty of metrics to check as you review your work. You can look into how many fans your page has, how those fans are responding to content, and even how much money is being generated from social media marketing.

Whatever you do, how your small business uses social media is very important and can be the catalyst for major growth. Follow these 5 steps religiously, and always be on the lookout for the next great advancement in social media marketing and you will do well.  

Leave a comment below and tell us what social media outlets you use most of the time. How do you keep up with curating and posting content?


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