Have you ever sat back and wondered what all the rave is about Facebook groups? Do you even have a Facebook Marketing Strategy?

Don’t worry because you’re not alone……Many business owners feel the exact same way as you do.

If you have a Facebook business page you have probably wondered how to grow your audience organically. It’s hard if you do not understand Facebook like we do. Facebook also does not make it easy, oftentimes making us “pay to play” before we will even see any type of growth. Of course, if you are a small business owner your advertising budget may be low, even non-existent in some cases.

I have the answer to all your questions……..Facebook Groups!

Facebook groups allow you to build connections with your ideal audience (organically) and to build your business page along the way.

Organic growth can happen slowly, but with the right plan of action you can speed up the process.

Many Facebook groups that I’m a member of have upwards of 70k members. Yes…..70,000 people in the group. With those numbers often times come huge lists of rules to keep the spam down. As you can imagine it can become a bit insane with 70k people all trying to talk business. Since groups have grown at a rapid rate over the past few years they need to be a significant aspect of your marketing plan. Not only are they a great place to build relationships with people and interact, they also provide a place where you can advertise your business. Again, keep in mind the rules I mentioned earlier. As you can imagine most groups are quite strict about advertising as many do not allow direct promotion. They often times do have days where they allow advertising, often in one comment thread.

The secret sauce to Facebook groups is building that connection with your Ideal Client Avatar (ICA) and adding value to their needs.

Am I speaking a foreign language yet?

For example, say someone makes a post asking questions about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which is your specialty. They specifically are looking for questions pertaining to how to use Google Analytics. You see the post and know the answers to their question so you answer them. Often people will do a quick video using some form of screen sharing software to add even more value to the person seeking support.

By going out of your way to provide value to this person you are showing them you know what you’re talking about…..You are showing them you are a subject matter expert!

When I do this for my ICA they will then go to my Facebook profile where I have listed my Facebook page, website, and any other social media platforms. Bingo they have now followed me on all social media platforms relevant to them, and most of the time they have now booked a discovery call with me to see how I can further help them with their business needs.

There are even times I will just go through and answer any questions I know the answer to even if they are simple questions. This helps because people see my name all over the place and they remember me when I speak with them about their business. Just last night and I had one person say “I see your name in our groups a lot.” That just makes me smile because that shows I’m working hard on networking with my ICA.

So you do not have to always be advertising instead focus on adding value and building up client relationships.

Are you ready to get started with Facebook groups? Download my master list of “Facebook Groups Network & Add Value” where I give you a full list of Facebook groups along with their promo days. Keep in mind read the group rules to figure out when you can drop your promos. I highly suggest answering any questions the group may have when you submit your application as they often will deny you if you fail to answer the questions.

If you don’t have the time to build these relationships let me do the legwork for you. I will take over your networking while you focus on your business. With my Social Media Engagement service, I will network with your ICA on your behalf. Book your discovery call today for more information on this service. Get started here!

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