Use the Dubsado code NEWSTART to get 20% off when you sign up for your own Dubsado account. If you’re more of a try before you buy kinda person, SIGN UP FOR A FREE TRIAL. You get your first three clients/leads for free!

I’ve now been in business for a few years now. When I first started I was all over the place. I felt like I needed to have all my documents printed out, with folders all over my desk. So, needless to say, I was beyond ecstatic once I found Dubsado. Once I started working with Dubsado I wondered why it took me so long to find this awesome space. There are so many other client management systems (aka CRM) online so I was always concerned with finding one that worked for my business. If you find yourself struggling to keep up with all the emails, scheduling, contracts, invoicing, questionnaires it’s time to start thinking about incorporating a client management tool.

DUBSADO has been in business since 2015 so still fairly new in the online space. You’ve probably heard about many of the other CRM programs. Dubsado is a client management system that you can use for bookkeeping, invoicing, lead tracking, job management and not to mention the ability to automate your CRM system.

Automation is super important when you’re doing EVERYTHING all by yourself!

After starting with the free trial in Dubsado I quickly realized that this was not just some new business program that I could live without.



Workflows are how you automate your CRM in Dubsado. You can set up individual workflows and assign them to any job. Workflows automate when certain things are sent out from welcome emails, sending out contracts & invoices, to telling your clients what they need to do next. Workflows save time and help you know exactly what still needs to be done.


Lead generation and questionnaires are a breeze with Dubsado. Replace contact forms on your website to immediately capture client leads and have client questionnaires ready to go so they’re automatically sent within a workflow. Plus, once the project is done, send another questionnaire to gather both feedback and testimonials.


Write email sequences for different services, set them up within a workflow, and you’re good to go. Canned emails save time, energy and get things done faster once it’s all set up.


One of the most useful parts of Dubsado is the fact that you can send contracts and collect e-signatures. If you are a serviced based business, you know how much you need to make sure that you’re using contracts to protect both you and your client. Not only can you customize your contract to fit each client, but you can also e-signatures so that your clients can sign your contract from any location Plus, set up contract templates for specific projects to auto-fill client information.


Each job within Dubsado has the ability to share a client portal. Client portals are how your client can access all of their contracts, invoices, and forms right inside of Dubsado. Now, if a client misplaces any of their forms they can easily jump into your fancy Client Portal to grab the form without even having to bother you via email.


Not only can you add your logo to all documents, but you can also customize your brand colors within Dubsado. Being able to customize your business online helps to make your business stand out amongst all the other online businesses out there.

Dubsado also offers everyone access to their amazing Facebook Community where they offer tips, advice and take the time to answer questions. They also provide a detailed set-up series of videos. You can even hop on a call with a member of their staff to work through any aspect of your set-up.

The Facebook Group also has a slew of Dubsado Set-Up Experts that you can connect with if you need someone to take over your set-up.


Use the Dubsado code NEWSTART to get 20% off when you sign up for your own Dubsado account. If you’re more of a try before you buy kinda person, SIGN UP FOR A FREE TRIAL. You get your first three clients/leads for free!

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